The Coronavirus pandemic brought the global travel industry to a virtual standstill.  The outlook is finally improving, people are beginning to travel again, but the market has changed forever. Health passports, corporate responsibility, government responses, cost and individual responsibility have grown into extremely important factors.

Aeronauticer is developing a number of new and innovative solutions to transform the aviation sector as it continues to recover.

However, our focus is much wider and our initial goal is to provide solutions in the growing space sector.   The passengers who boarded commercial flights just after World War II didn’t know that air travel would begin to soar over the next decade, nor did the masses who first logged onto the internet in the 1990s realize that the world that they had known would change dramatically in just a decade. Today, few people understand that the space economy—broadly defined as activities in orbit or on other planets that benefit human beings—could soon transform how they live and work.

We can’t say much more for now, but please check back from time to time, when we will update on progress.

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